Things to do and what to wear in Louisiana

Is Pennsylvania where history collides with style?

The Good Life, Good People… Nebraska

Home on the range, Buffalos and grit = Oklahoma

Gargling Salt Water For A Sore Throat, Does It Really Help?
Gargling Salt Water For Sore Throat – Does It Really Help? The weather gets colder and it seems like everyone is coughing or feels a little under the weather. What can you do to help yourself feel better a little quicker…

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Wineries, The Adult Grape Juice In Colorado
A Wine Lover’s Guide to the Best Wineries in Colorado. Wine lovers often travel to Napa Valley in California to visit the famous wineries there, but why not venture to Colorado instead? You may not realize it, but Colorado has its own secret Napa Valley that you’re missing out on! While California’s Napa Valley has more than

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Is the Liver King Natty?
Many people have wondered if The Liver King, a highly successful social media personallity, has used performance enhancers or steroids to get to where he is today. Some say it’s impossible to get from having 1,000 subscribers to 15 million subscribers in just two years without some sort of aid. But he says the truth is he didn’t use any PEDs at all! Here’s how he did it (or did he?)…

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Thanksgiving Memes That Make You Laugh Out Loud
Did you spend hours preparing the perfect Thanksgiving meal, only to have your family devour it in minutes? Maybe you’re now looking forward to the leftovers, or maybe you don’t even want to see another turkey leg. Either way, Thanksgiving memes can bring joy to anyone who’s had a food-related mishap or two in their lifetime…

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Get Ready To Gobble, It’s Turkey Trot Time!
The turkey and homemade mash potatoes may be the stars of Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s us runners who steal the spotlight at the annual Turkey Trot! This annual footrace is held on or around the Thanksgiving holiday. This race has become a tradition among many families…

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Beard Stubble Trouble
For some, beard stubble can be a real problem. We’ve all heard of people who shave in the morning but by evening time, the five o’clock beard stubble and neck beard shadow appears. But, believe it or not, growing facial hair for certain individuals is a slow if not seemingly impossible process. When it comes to losing hair on your head, at least you can…

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The Mississippi State Flag Hats
Prior to 1861 Mississippi didn’t have their own flag. They certainly didn’t have cool, custom, leather patch state pride hats, from the 3000 Hats Company. Although it is not commonly known, Mississippi’s original flag was known as the Magnolia flag. It was the official state flag from March 30th, 1861, to August 22nd, 1865…

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A Brief History Of America’s Love Affair With Coffee
Coffee first made its way to the United States in the early 1600s, and quickly became a popular drink among farmers and merchants alike. By the late 1700s, the United States was consuming more coffee per capita than any other country in the world, not just because Americans were drinking coffee at home, but also because they were drinking it at work, in their…

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How Many Coffee Shops Are In One Square Mile
If you’re like most Americans, you can’t start your day without a cup of coffee. However, unlike many other nations around the world, we don’t all drink the same kind of coffee. Since Starbucks originated in Seattle, and they have some of the most popular coffee in the country, we decided to take it upon ourselves to figure out exactly how many coffee shops there are in…

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Takeout Coffee vs. Sit-down Restaurant
The question of take out coffee vs sit down restaurant coffee has been hotly debated over many cups of coffee. Which do you prefer? Is one really more expensive than the other? It’s time to look at some real numbers to figure out which one gives you more bang for your buck…

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How Does America Brand Its Bills?
The first generations of currency in the U.S. did not display the faces of presidents. However, in modern day times, having portraits of leaders on currency is common practice. It’s interesting to note that by law, dollar bills can only be branded with portraits of deceased individuals in the United States. This law took effect in 1886, prohibiting living persons from…

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Train Rides In Colorado, You Won’t Want To Miss
A lot of people don’t realize how many great train rides Colorado has to offer! Whether you want to take in the scenery on the route between Denver and Durango, or explore some of the state’s most famous landmarks, you’ll find an excellent ride right here in your home state. Here are 5 can’t-miss train rides in Colorado, whether you’re an out-of-state visitor or native…

Train Rides In Colorado, Colorado Hat, 3000 Hats

So, You Want To Learn How To Fly An Airplane
If you’re interested in becoming an airplane pilot but aren’t sure if you can even fly, you’re not alone! Many people fear that they don’t have what it takes to become a pilot, which leaves them wondering if it’s possible to learn how to fly on their own. The answer is yes and no. It depends on how much time and money you want to spend learning how to fly, and…

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Stonks, Tendies, And To The Moon! When Will The GME Floor Bust?
Put on your diamond hand hat and buckle up, this real life is stranger than fiction blurb is going to be a wild ride. The year of 2021 resulted in a short squeeze that skyrocketed GameStop’s price share over 1500%. The well known company sells: cool hats, plush animals, figurines, and of course new and used video games. This massive increase occurred over just two short…

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Dr. Stone Is One Of The Coolest Anime Shows Right Now!
The show takes place in 2019 AD, on a normal sunny day, just like today. It’s the perfect weather to wear an anime hat to keep the sun out of your eyes. Suddenly, a strange flash envelopes all of planet earth. This strange light turns out to be a catastrophic event. It begins turning all of earth’s creatures into stone. For 3,700 years mankind is petrified. At long last…

Dr. Stone, Anime Hat, 3000 Hat

In And Out’s Secret Menu, What’s Really On it?
What’s really on In and Out’s secret menu? The Internet has long been abuzz with rumors about In and Out secret menu items, most of which are impossible to order from the server at any In and Out location. There are ways around this however, namely by going through In and Out corporate, who will gladly make you anything that doesn’t appear on their

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Why You’re Not Alone, If You Have A Fear Of Heights
Have you ever been afraid to step up to the edge of a tall building, ride on the Ferris wheel, or stand at the very top of a staircase? If so, you’re not alone: Many people have some degree of fear of heights, also known as acrophobia. In fact, it’s the most common phobia in the world, affecting approximately 40 million Americans (and 3% of all people in general)

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Scary Movies On Halloween
Halloween is upon us, and that means it’s time to curl up on the couch with some popcorn, ice cream, and stack of scary movies. We know that the film that started it all was, Halloween. But, now that you’re older, you might find yourself looking for something more terrifying than this 1978 classic—something that may actually give you nightmares. With help from

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UFOs And Ancient Civilizations
Did Ancient Civilizations See UFOs? Unanswered Questions from History explored, to follow. Are UFOs real? Many people believe they’re a figment of the imagination or science fiction, but there are also many who think we’ve been visited in the past by extraterrestrial aliens. Numerous ancient civilizations recorded sightings and encounters with strange, unidentified…

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The Top 10 Reasons to Own a Midnight Express Boat
Sporting luxury, style and exclusivity, the Midnight Express Boat is one of the most popular and desirable boats on the market today. You might not be able to see why this boat has won so many awards if you’re new to boating or shopping for boats, but we’re going to let you in on the top 10 reasons why owning a Midnight Express Boat will give you everything you…

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The Santa Tracker
Santa’s Coming! We’re going to track his every move with the Santa Tracker, this year. If you’re like most kids, one of the big highlights of Christmas morning is checking the stocking to see what Santa left you. But there’s one big part of Christmas that few people think about—Santa himself! How does he get from house to house delivering gifts on Christmas Eve? Where…

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A How To Guide For The Tastiest Thanksgiving Dinner
If you’ve never attempted cooking a Thanksgiving dinner before, the holidays can be a very stressful time. Fortunately, there are many simple methods that you can use to prepare the tastiest Thanksgiving dinner ever. We are going to show you how to cook a turkey, like a pro. Read on to find out how…

How to cook a turkey, Thanksgiving, 3000 Hats

How To Make The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy
A good Thanksgiving dinner starts with an incredible turkey, but it doesn’t end there. Even if you have the best turkey in the world, it still won’t be the same without a great gravy. A Thanksgiving dinner without gravy is like a boat without an engine—it just floats around aimlessly and uselessly until it sinks or it encounters some sort of wildlife that wants to eat its…

How to make a turkey gravy, Holiday Hat, 3000 Hats

How To Smoke A Turkey In 5 Easy Steps
We’re going to teach you how to smoke a turkey in just five simple and easy to follow steps. Smoking a turkey can feel intimidating, but it is actually just as easy as cooking one in the oven and it’s sure to be a turkey that your friends and family will love to eat…

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How Do You Pick Your Hunting Hat
The crunch of the fall grass is a great sign that a new season has begun. Your dog bounds out in front silently. Your hands clasp the trusty shotgun you’ve been carrying for years, or maybe this is the guns first season…

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Black Mouth Bass Hats
Black Bass are a carnivorous fish found throughout the Hudson Bay basin, Canada, North America, and Mexico. If you find a black mouth bass on the other end of your pole, you’re in for a fight. There are three species of the the black bass: small mouth, large mouth, and spotted…

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Cool Trout Hats
Trout are primarily fresh water fish. Believe it or not, they are closely related to salmon. Trout are an important food source for humans and wildlife alike. Animals such as: eagles, hawks, and bears eat trout. There are a wide variety of species amongst trout. We eat trout. We hunt and fish trout. We love these fish so much we even wear trout hats…

Trout Hats, Fishing Hat, 3000 Hats

What Is A Tiger Trout
Tiger trout are hybrid cross with brown trout and brook trout. Tiger trout are sterile and for many wildlife areas a welcome addition. Small sucker fish and minnows can pollute or lower the water quality and provide little value to the ecosystems. Tiger trout can quickly become predator size and prey on these undesirable fish…

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Mississippi State Flag History
Mississippi has had four official flags throughout its history, and these flags have been worn on hats, shirts, and even swim wear. Our Mississippi original state flag hat captures the essence of the flag from 1894 through 2020. From the original founding of the state this flag had three versions.

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5 Surprising Uses For Deer Poop You Didn’t Know About
You’re out in the wilderness, admiring the scenery and taking photos. Suddenly, it hits you: The huge pile of deer poop right in front of you! Don’t worry, though – there’s nothing to be alarmed about. In fact, there are plenty of things you can do with deer poop that have nothing to do with covering it up with dirt or scooping it into your dog’s mouth.

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Starting your skydiving adventures requires new jumpers to go tandem with an experienced diver.
The tandem jump will pair you with an experienced instructor who will teach you how to control your body and thus control your path.

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Why Is Andrew Tate A Controversial Figure?
Andrew Tate is one of the most controversial figures in the world. He tends to have a strong division when it comes to those that support him, and those that oppose him. Let’s take a look into this complicated topic and see what you think. You may or may not know that Andrew Tate first became a figure of note in the boxing community. He surprised the…

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Fast Food, Which Restaurant Are You Choosing On Cheat Day?
Whether you’re on your way to work, driving to go hang with friends, or just in the mood for some junk food, fast food restaurants are here to help you satisfy those cravings. But, which ones are the tastiest? This list ranks the 10 best fast food restaurants in our humble opinion. We can’t wait see if you agree or disagree. Ready to chow down?

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