Author: Bird Dog
Date: Nov. 09, 2022

Starting your skydiving adventures requires new jumpers to go tandem with an experienced diver.
The tandem jump will pair you with an experienced instructor who will teach you how to control your body and thus control your path.

Now lets look at who qualifies to skydive:
1) You must be at least 18 years or older
2) Weigh less than 225lbs
3) Have a government issued ID
4) Be in good health
The cost of your dive can vary greatly based on the location of the dive and the amount of people in your party. Some dives require a large party in order to account for the high cost of the aircraft to take all the divers up. Some dive places will have smaller aircraft options for smaller groups. Call your local place to see what is available for your.

What if you are afraid of heights, but still want to dry and skydive?
A fear of heights is actually pretty normal and many instructors are ready to guide you through this. Before you ever get in the plane and set out to dive, you will go through a course or two on the ground to help you become familiar with the equipment and procedures. Be sure to let someone know that you have a fear of heights

There are a few types of ways to jump out of an airplane. The first is a static line / IAD. Static line jumps can be done “solo” for the first time because your shoot is automatically pulled upon leaving the aircraft. The other option is assisted free fall (AFF). Also known as tandem. This is when a student is hooked to an instructor via harnesses. Then together you depart the aircraft and jump as a team. Usually the jump last for 30 seconds to a minute before deploying the parachute. In a tandem jump, the instructor is responsible for deploying/pulling the chute. Once deployed the instructor will use handles to steer you towards a safe landing. Once close to the ground be sure to lift and tuck your feet for a smooth landing.

When can you skydive solo?
Have you always dreamed of skydiving solo? Well that dream is 25 jumps and a test away. Either tandem jumps or static line jumps can count towards your solo pursuits, so military folks can use their training and combat experience towards this requirement. Those who wish to go solo on their own dime should plan to spend at least $5,000.

Did you know to be a tandem skydive instructor you need to have 500 jumps!

While there is no way of getting around the required jumps to qualify for an A license; some divers turn towards indoor operations for their training. Wind tunnels offer a cheaper way to experiment and get used to the sensation of free falling.

Wind tunnels or indoor skydiving; offer a safe place free from weather delays and aircraft maintenance.