Fast Food, Which Restaurant Are You Choosing On Cheat Day?

Author: Travanimo
Date: Nov. 21, 2022

Whether you’re on your way to work, driving to go hang with friends, or just in the mood for some junk food, fast food restaurants are here to help you satisfy those cravings. But, which ones are the tastiest? This list ranks the 10 best fast food restaurants in our humble opinion. We can’t wait see if you agree or disagree. Ready to chow down?

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In-N-Out Burger
This tasty little fast food number is privately owned. You can’t get a franchise for an In and Out Burger. There are many reasons the company has gone in this direction. One very important one is to maintain the food quality. They are committed to customer service, and to providing a consistent dining experience. Often when franchising rapid business growth can occur and the values of the company as all whole, can fall to the wayside in pursuit of profitability. We’ve all seen and experienced this in similar burger chain restaurants. In and Out Burger is famous for its secret menu, that can be accessed by ordering certain items from their regular menu. These items include an out of the norm for fast food chains, protein style burger, which means the patty is wrapped in lettuce instead of bread, along with much much more. It’s no wonder this juicy option landed on our list.

With favorite fast food items like the Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich, the Chicken Biscuits, and the Chick-fil-A nuggets, this “burger joint” is obviously making the list. You be hard pressed to find a friend that doesn’t enjoy something on their menu. We’ve all felt that deep disappointment when you’re craving some delicious fast food and you roll into Chick-fil-A’s drive through on a Sunday and had the wave of realization wash over you. We understand why y’all are closed, but we don’t have to like it.

Shake Shack
Alright, that’s a catchy name for a fast food spot. Not only does Shake Shack have an appealing name, but they have some mouth watering food as well. It’s of the most popular fast food restaurants around. Not a big eater, no problem, they have a vegetarian ‘Shroom Burger, that’s a crisp fried portobello mushroom filled with muenster and cheddar cheese that pairs perfectly with those famous crinkle fries. Put it on the list!

Taco Bell
So, which fast food restaurant is the tastiest? This can depend on what you’re in the mood for at that moment! If you want to choose a reliable and delicious option, Taco Bell is a great choice! Fine, Fine, this one isn’t as comparable to the other’s on the list, in the sense that they aren’t serving up burgers or chicken sandwiches. But is one we couldn’t help putting down. Is there anything tastier or less costly than a hot and fresh soft or hard shelled taco? I think we can all recall the viral video where there girl says, “If you don’t like taco bell you’re weak!”. We want all the hot and diablo sauce. We each have that hidden stash of fast food condiments. Which sauce is your favorite flavor?

If you’re looking for a fast food place that’s always open, has a variety of options and is quick and easy to order from, McDonald’s is the perfect place. Ordering a burger at McDonald’s can be as simple as saying I want a hamburger, and they’ll give you one with whatever toppings you like on it. They have burgers, salads, fries, chicken sandwiches and more! This is probably the number one a fair amount of folks list. The vast variety of fast food makes it challenging to choose your number one favorite.