Mississippi Flag Hats

Mississippi Leather Patch Hat

Mississippi State Flag Hat, Mississippi original state flag hat

Mississippi has had four official flags throughout its history, and these flags have been worn on hats, shirts, and even swim wear. Our Mississippi original state flag hat captures the essence of the flag from 1894 through 2020. From the original founding of the state this flag had three versions.

From 1894 to 1996 the Mississippi state flag pridefully displayed a tri-band of red white and blue as well as the battle flag of Norther Virginia.

In 2001 state lawmakers and the community of Mississippi began developing proposals for a new flag. In fact in 2001 new flags were presented and voted on by constitutes. This first vote elected to retain the 1894 flag.

Another vote was presented in 2015 and constitutes again elected to maintain the 1894 flag.

In 2020 the vote to replace the flag was elected to today’s current version. This Mississippi state flag consists of a field of red with solid gold blue bar and a flower with stars surrounding it.