Hats For Hunting

The crunch of the fall grass is a great sign that a new season has begun. Your dog bounds out in front silently. Your hands clasp the trusty shotgun you’ve been carrying for years, or maybe this is the guns first season.

Hunting Hat

Then all of the sudden the dog slams on a point. In unison your heart rates jump and the hunt is on. The weight of the vest is lighter all of the sudden. Your pace quickens and your gaze narrows. Somewhere in the grass up ahead lies what we’ve been looking for. These moments are few and far between, all the miles you have walked, all the dust you sucked in was for this moment right hear. As you get closer nature gets quieter. Your hand ready on the grip, your eyes now scanning for a peak at the little head.

Nature roars to life with the smashing of wings, the covey rises into the sky. One more breath to steady, and a pull while you gaze down the dark barrel and neon tip. The shot is loud but you didn’t hear it. The shot slams your shoulder but you don’t feel it.

Your gaze widens as the adrenaline reduces, nature slowly returns to a buzz. The happy dog has located the game and is on its way back. Retrieve to hand, and a pat on the head for ol’slobber face. This is why you hunt.